Karen Felton Career change coaching after redundancy burnout

Explore your strengths
Build your personal resilience
Create a successful career that fills you with passion and purpose

Career change coaching that empowers you to be your best self and flourish after redundancy or burnout

Are you looking to make a BIG change in your career?

Does any of this sound like you?

Following redundancy you want to make the most of the opportunity. You want to use your experience and expertise for something that gives you a sense of purpose, and you want the freedom of working for yourself. But where do you start?


Your career has been draining the life out of you. You know you need to make a change, to find a better way of working and being, but you have no idea where to start. You don't even know what type of role you want or what type of organisation you want to work for. And first, you need to take a breath and find yourself again.


You've decided to change your career but don't know how to present yourself. How do your skills transfer across? On top of that you've been with the same company for decades. You have no CV or LinkedIn profile and no idea how to go about getting a new job. 

You want to find a better way to work and live.

You want to be your best self, living and working in line with your strengths, values and what matters to you.

Career change coaching after redundancy and burnout Karen Felton
Karen Felton Career change coaching after redundancy burnout

Hi, I'm Karen

I work with clients from anywhere in the UK. Coaching people like you who want to make big changes in their career.

I was a leader in Financial Services and HR for over 20 years and one of my favourite things to do was coaching and developing people. I've got a natural talent for spotting peoples' strengths and achievements, and I boosted that talent by training as a strengths and mental fitness coach. 

Now I combine my professional training with my passion for inspiring people like you to achieve your career goals.

Working with me is a collaboration. I'll give you the space to explore your ideas while also suggesting avenues you can try based on your strengths and what matters to you. I'll help you build the confidence and resilience you need to move forward. So you make the change you want to, with ease.

My career change success programmes

How can I help you?

Career change coaching Redundancy in your 50s New Horizons programme

New Horizons

You've taken redundancy in your 50s. You're excited about the opportunity to be in control of this next phase of your working life.

You don't want or need the same money. You do want to do something that gives you a sense of purpose and uses your experience and expertise.

You don't know how to get started. 

How do you find new opportunities? How do you market yourself when you have? 

My New Horizons programme is for you!

Move Forward with Confidence

Your career has drained the life from you. You desperately need a change, to find a new way of working and being.

But you've lost your confidence. A toxic culture and poor leadership have caused burnout and you've lost trust in your skills and experience.

My Move Forward with Confidence programme will help you get clear on your strengths, values and what matters to you.

You'll regain your confidence and build your resilience so you can move forward with ease. 

Career change coaching Move Forward with Confidence after redundancy and burnout
Career change success coaching CV LinkedIn Interview success

Present Your Best Self

You've made a bold decision - you're going to follow your heart and change career! 

You're excited and nervous!


How do you find the right role and organisation for you? How do you apply for and get a new job?

You've been in the same company for years and have no CV or LinkedIn profile and the thought of an interview fills you with dread.

My Present Your Best Self programme will help you get clear on your strengths, skills and achievements. Then you'll learn how to create awesome CVs, optimise your LinkedIn profile, be confident in interviews and negotiate your worth and make an impact in your dream job!

More career change support

Strengths coaching

When your strengths and career are aligned you're energised, creative, motivated and fulfilled, you perform at your best

Mental Fitness coaching

When your work is causing you stress, anxiety or worse, understanding what action you can take to increase your resilience will enable you to return to your best self

One-hour coaching sessions for that one thing you want help with, right now

CV or LinkedIn coaching, interview / presention practice, negotiating your worth, planning your 1st 90 days in your new role - the choice is yours

Career change success CV skills achievements strengths Mental fitness coaching LinkedIn Interview success

What my clients say

After exploring my Strengths with Karen I feel motivated to find a career that will give me purpose. I can use my strengths to do something worthwhile with my life

Costume designer to Teacher

You definitely saw something in me that I didn't - it's changed my life! 

Claims handler to HR Consutlant

It's been an absolute pleasure working with you, you've helped me build confidence and inspired me to look at a different balance and ideas

Finance Director

Are you ready to transform your career ... and your life?