This is career development coaching and mentoring that enables you to make the change you dream of in your leadership career

You're here because you've reached some kind of crossroads in your leadership career.

You've made a bold decision - you're going to follow your heart and your career dream! 

You're excited and nervous!

You do know you want to be your best self, living and working in line with your strengths, values and what matters to you.

You're unsure where, or how, to start.

You're in the right place - together we'll get you there.

Are you ready to successfully make the change you dream of?

Karen Felton Mentor and coach for leaders in HR and Financial Services who want to make changes in their career
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Hi, I'm Karen Felton - your leadership career mentor and coach.

I enable leaders in HR and Financial Services, to successfully make changes in their career.

I love enabling people to shine in their leadership career. To understand how their strengths, values and what matters to them enables them to lead and contribute in a unique and authentic way.

Career Change Success programmes

Whatever change you're looking to make in your leadership career, here you'll find what you need to make the change successfully.

Select a programme, build your own or choose a topic or two to suit your own needs

Leadership Career Development | Career change sucess | Leadership career mentoring and coaching | Karen Felton CompassHR

Present Your Best Self

You're ready to make your next move.


You just need help to know how to showcase your leadership strengths, skills and achievements.

Learn how to create your CV and LinkedIn profile, shine at interviews and achieve your dream leadership role that's aligned with what matters to you.

eadership Career Development | Career change sucess | Leadership career mentoring and coaching | Karen Felton CompassHR

New Horizons

Know how to shine in your new leadership role.

Whether you're planning your move to a bigger role or have just secured it, this programme will enable you to make the transition to a new team, or organisation, and to add value.

Make an impact while being authentically you.

eadership Career Development | Career change sucess | Leadership career mentoring and coaching | Karen Felton CompassHR

Move Forward with Confidence

Regain your career confidence.

If you've been left doubting your leadership strengths and skills following redundancy, poor leadership, burnout or maternity leave, this programme will enable you to rebuild your resilience and move forward in your career.

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Build your own programme

From Goal setting & Action planning, through strengths and mental fitness profiling, to creating your CV, achieving your new role and making an impact from day 1, you'll find what you need here.

Create your bespoke programme or select the individual session you need right now.

What my clients say

It's been an absolute pleasure working with you.


You've helped me build confidence and inspired me to look at a different balance and ideas.

Thank you for helping me to think more broadly.

I've now found a role that is the perfect balance and challenge, allowing me time to develop new skills.

Finance Director

Karen is a great listener, provides guidance and was a fantastic support.

I had lots of mixed emotions following redundancy. 

During our discussions I realised I could still play to my strengths and had so much experience and knowledge to offer.

Thank you, Karen!

Sandra Freeman

I cannot recommend Karen highly enough.

During my redundancy Karen has supported me with career advice, CV support, strengths profiling and been there to listen to me.

Karen has a very kind and calm manner and this allows you to open up naturally to her. 

So glad you were recommended to me!

Lou Black

After exploring my Strengths with Karen I feel motivated to find a career that will give me purpose.


I'd been finding it hard to structure my job search and felt very overwhelmed.

I can use my strengths to do something worthwhile with my life.

Thank you Karen for your help and advice!

Kathy Brown

Your coaching has made me focus more on my strengths than my weaknesses and made me feel proud of them.

It's also taught me the importance of setting realistic goals and prepation.

Most importantly, it's reminded me of all I've achieved so far and that gives me massive confidence going forward.

Jack Carmichael

Karen gave me a lot of confidence in myself and made me trust in my skills.

I would like to highlight her positive energy, empathy and kindness.

After a meeting with her you feel you can accomplish whatever you want with positivity and without fear.

I now feel self-confidence, have goals and ready to face new challenges.

Thank you for your time and commitment to me!

Ana-Casiana Tarita

Are you ready to transform your career ... and your life?

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