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Career change coaching for people who want to be happy in their work.

Woman reaching to sun. Understand your strengths, find work that makes you happy.

Understand your strengths.

Find work that makes you happy!

You're here because you're ready to make a big change in your career.

You want to be happy and fulfilled in your work and in your life.


No more corporate BS. No more toxic culture.


It's time to put you first. Doing good work that enables you to use your strengths and stay true to your values.


But you're unsure where, or how, to start. Maybe you don't believe you can make the change.

You're in the right place - together we'll get you there.

Get in touch and we'll work out how.

Hi! I'm Karen, your career change success coach.

I enable people like you to successfully make big changes in their career.

Maybe you've taken redundancy from your role, or just got sick of the corporate BS and toxic culture that's been draining you of energy.


Maybe you're in your 40s or 50s and can afford to do something about that niggle you've had for years - that one that kept asking you: 'Am I doing worthwhile work?'


I love enabling people like you to find your work-life happy place.

My career change coaching will give you confidence to make the change, with lots of practical tips you can apply straight away to achieve the change you want.

How I can help you


Explore your strengths and values.


Find clarity about what your next move should be and create your job change strategy.


Know how to achieve the change you want and be happy in your work


Understand why some things energise you and some drain you.

Learn how you can do more of what you enjoy.

Know how to align your career with your strengths and what matters to you.

What my clients say

After deciding to take a break and re-evaluate my career direction I connected with Karen to identify the right path for me.


Karen helped me to really understand what my strengths were, why I had been feeling demotivated and where to focus my attention to find my place in the world again.


It was an incredibly enlightening experience that reignited my passion and completely transformed my approach to finding not just a job but a satisfying role with meaning and purpose.


Within a short space of time I've seen incredible results, personally and professionally.

Not only that, she helped me to craft a killer CV that has brought in more opportunities in a couple of days than my old one ever did.


I honestly can't praise Karen enough. She has been incredibly kind, professional, honest and direct, and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with her.

I would highly recommend Karen to anyone looking to kick-start their job search and transform their career!

Kevin Martin 

Are you ready to transform your career ... and your life?

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