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Hi, I'm Karen Felton

I’m a career change success coach, enabling people to understand their strengths so they can be happy in their career.  

When you understand your strengths everything becomes clear and you'll know how to find a role that aligns with what matters to you.

Karen Felton, Career Change Success coach | CompassHR
Karen Felton | Leadership career mentor | Career change success coach | CompassHR

I help people like you find the confidence to successfully make a big change in your career.

Throughout my corporate career in financial services and HR I loved coaching people. Spotting their strengths, enabling them to develop their capability and their careers. I especially loved it when I enabled them to realise they wanted to do something completely different, although I didn't tell my own bosses this!


I love empowering people to be their best selves and to find what matters to them. And I love inspiring people to find or create a career they love.


After working with me, my clients say they feel motivated and confident.

They trust in their skills, feel they can accomplish whatever they want and are ready to face new challenges.

They find new careers, new ways of working and new ways of being - in line with their strengths and what matters to them.

Who do I work with? These are three very typical client scenarios...

I'm 40 and have a good career. I've worked hard for promotions and I'm really good at what I do.


But - although I'm good at it, it's not good for me. It's draining the life from me.


I don't believe in this corporate BS and I want to do something that's more meaningful.


But what?

I'm only 54 and don't feel ready to retire yet.


But, I'm tired of the corporate BS that comes with a senior role and can't face more of it.


I want to do something I enjoy, with meaning and purpose.


I have no idea what that is, or how to figure it out!

Woman realised she's in the wrong career but doesn't know what she wants to do instead

I'm in the wrong job!


This was my dream career. I worked hard to get here.


But now I feel there's a real clash with my values and that I've wasted years, including my degree.


What can I do?

I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to be their best and whole selves at work

I want everyone to be able to access strengths and career change coaching because I know what a transformational effect it can have on our work and on our lives.

So I keep my prices affordable so that more people can access my services. 

And if you're not yet ready to invest financially in your career, please help yourself to my free resources, all designed to enable you to get started.

Why do I specialise in strengths-focused career change coaching?


I spent my corporate career in HR in the Insurance sector. I loved leading my L&D team to perform at their best by using their strengths. And I loved coaching people to understand their strengths so they could align their career with what enables them to shine.

Through my work I came to understand and appreciate the impact working to our strengths has on our motivation, wellbeing and performance. 

I also saw how, when people are in the right role and workplace for them, where they can use their strengths and their work is aligned with their values, their career and capability flourished.

When people are able to be their best selves, it creates a ripple effect for them, their teams and organisation. This effect also ripples out to their personal lives, their relationships and interactions with family and friends.

When I left my corporate career after redundancy in 2017 I went travelling overseas and took some time to reflect on what I wanted to do next. Exploring my own strengths, values and what matters to me, I realised that enabling people to be their best selves in their career would enable me to use my strengths and contribute to that ripple effect.

So now I’m a strengths and career change coach, specialising in enabling people to understand their own strengths, values and what matters to them so they can thrive in their career and create their own ripple effect.

My mission is simple:
To help you understand your strengths and be happy in your work.

My Strengths

If you haven’t already noticed, I’m a huge advocate for people understanding their strengths so they can find work that makes them happy!  

Here’s how I’ll use my favourite strengths to enable you to achieve your career change goal:


I create the conditions for people to grow and develop for themselves.



I love to motivate and inspire people to make things happen.



This is all about you and what's right for you.


Because life - and work - is too dull without it!

My Values

Helping people understand and connect with their values plays a huge part in what I do. Because when you live and work in line with your values life is easier and better.

Here's how my values will show up for you:


I'll only deliver what you need or want; and will never promise to deliver something I can't or that's not right for you.



I'll accept you for who and where you are, with no judgement.



I won't tell you what to do. We'll work in partnership because this is how you'll get the best results for you.

So, who am I when I'm not being a strengths and career change coach?

I live in the Highlands and when I'm not working you'll often find me walking in the hills or in my garden. I love to be outside!

I also teach fitness classes because it's fun and I love enabling people to improve their fitness and reduce pain.

And last but not least, I LOVE to travel! I've taken three career breaks, totalling several years, to travel overseas.  My last trip was to Asia and S America from September 2017 to May 2020 (check out some of my photos below). I love exploring new places and meeting people. I've heard so many fascinating life stories over the years. And even with language differences I can always make connections.

Are you ready to transform your career ... and your life?

Karen Felton career change success coach
Karen Felton Career change success coach and mentor
Karen Felton Career change success coach
Karen Felton CompassHR Career change coaching
Karen Felton Career change coaching UK online
Karen Felton Career Change Success coach and mentor
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