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About me


I love inspiring people to be their best selves.

I first led a team when I was 23 and loved it - being able to help people grow and seeing them thrive motivated me to learn about what makes people 'tick' - and this led me to a career in HR and a love for great leadership that enables people to be their best selves.

I learned a huge amount in my career as a people leader and an HR consultant; and I now use that learning alongside my passion to inspire people, to enable others to grow in their own people leader career.

Karen Felton CompassHR Career coaching

My experience

In my career, I've built up a wealth of experience in enabling people to perform at their best. Some of my favourite things have been:

  • Coaching people leaders, enabling them to develop and lead their people to great performance

  • Enabling people leaders to improve performance by setting inspiring goals, giving effective feedback and creating development opportunitie.

  • Training for people leaders on wellbeing and and absence culture

  • Enabling people leaders to successfully lead remote / virtual teams

  • Coaching leaders to interpret and apply HR policies and employment law

  • Design and implementation of coaching and mentoring programmes

  • Design & delivery of engagement and career development programmes

  • Enabling people to understand their strengths, values, passions and achievements

  • Enabling people to gain clarity about their career goals and how to achieve them

Enabler / Change Agent / Improver This is about my passion for making a positive difference to people's lives.  I naturally see people's strengths, talents and achievements; and where performance can be improved. I enable people to make those changes 

Legacy / Moral Compass:  I want to leave things better than I found them and nowhere is this more important than when it relates to people's lives.  I'll help you create an inspiring career and an inspiring workplace for you and your people

Innovation / creativity / personalisation I love solving problems and I approach this as 'designing' the right solution to meet your needs, which means I'll always create the best solution for you and your people.

Humour / Relationship builderTogether these help me to connect with people so I can get to really understand what they need

My strengths

My values

Honesty / IntegrityI'll always deliver only what you need or want; and will never promise to deliver something I can't or that's not right for you and your people


Inclusion / compassionThese underpin great leadership in my experience and I'll use these values to enable you to really understand your people and their needs; this is what leads to team wellbeing, engagement and performance 


Learning & growth / motivating & inspiringThese go hand-in-hand for me as I love learning new things and using my learning to enable others to learn; so you'll get solutions that build on proven methods and you'll be able to sustain the benefits

CollaborationI enjoy working with people and truly believe this is how the best things happen! Working together we'll understand what you and your people need and design the right solutions to get your team performance and your career where they need to be 

About CompassHR Karen Felton Leadership Career coaching

A bit more about me

I love travel and have taken three 'career breaks' over the years to travel overseas.  My last trip was Sept 2017 to May 2020,  in Asia and S America

As well as exploring and learning about new places I love meeting people - so many fascinating life stories and even with language differences I can always make connections 

I love fun and movement so I'm regularly out walking in hills or anywhere with great scenery; and I run, teach power yoga and will be back to learning aerial hoop after lockdown

And as part of my passion for enabling people to improve their lives alongside my love of fun and movement, I teach fitness to older adults and people with pain and mobility issues

Karen Felton CompassHR Leadership Career coaching
Karen Felton CompassHR Leadership Career coaching
Karen Felton CompassHR Leadership Career coaching

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