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Career change mentoring and coaching
Find work that enables you to shine.

This is strengths-focused mentoring and coaching that enables you to achieve your career goals.

My career change services are designed to enable you to move forward in your career and achieve the change you're dreaming of.

My support is 100% personalised to what you need help with, right now.

I'll understand where you are now, what your goal is and what you need to enable you to get there.

Then I'll enable you to feel confident that you can achieve your goal.

Anything is possible.


It's time to make a change in your career. 

But you've been in one organisation for a while and don't know where to start.

You haven't updated your CV for years. You've heard LinkedIn is a great place to find a new job but don't know how.


And you hate talking about yourself so are not confident in interviews.

It can be a really daunting time, even if you're  excited about making the change!

And if you're not excited, maybe following redundancy, it can feel even more daunting

Learn how to:


Understand your strengths so you can find roles where you can feel motivated by your work.

Use LinkedIn to find your next role and develop your professional network.

Create a CV to showcase your strengths, skills and achievements tailored to the role you want.

Shine at interviews and make a great impact in your new role.

6 hours 1:1 coaching, Introductory Strengths Profile, CV Confidence and LinkedIn Confidence workbooks.

Your investment: £460 

CV Confidence workbook - How to create your CV for career change success


You're ready to apply for roles but something is holding you back.

Your CV feels dull, uninspiring. 

How do you write it so it reflects you at your best?

I'll help you to showcase your strengths, skills & achievements so YOU shine through.

Then you'll be confident to apply for your new leadership role.

Includes CV workbook and 2 hours 1:1 coaching.

Learn how to:

Identify the key words in a job ad. 

Clearly present your transferable strengths, skills and achievements.

Prevent your CV getting stopped in automated systems.

Understand different CV styles.

Tailor your CV for different roles and different routes.

Present yourself as a great fit for your dream role.

Your investment: £150

LinkedIn confidence graphic - white background .png


You've had a LinkedIn profile for years but don't really use it.

You keep hearing how great LinkedIn is for finding a job. 

So you know you need to do more - but how? 

I'll help you  be found for the roles you want and be confident to showcase your strengths, skills and achievements.

Includes LinkedIn workbook and 2 hours 1:1 coaching.

Learn how to:


Be found for roles you want.


Strategically develop your network.


Increase your visibility with confidence.


Create content that showcases your experience and experience.


Become known for what matters to you.


Build trust while remaining authentically you.

Your investment: £150

Interview Confidence coaching | Karen Felton | Career coach and mentor | Leadership Career Development


You've got an interview for your dream job!

But now the nerves are kicking in.

How will you answer questions without waffling? 

What if they ask questions you're not prepared for?

What if you're so nervous your mind goes blank?

I'll help you prepare. Remain calm. And shine.

Includes 2 hours 1:1 coaching and

Learning & Reflection e-book.

Learn how to:


Confidently talk about your strengths, skills and achievements.


Answer questions clearly and concisely.


Prepare for different types of interview.


Control your nerves.


Ask the right questions to understand if it's the right organisation for you.


Present yourself as a great fit for your dream role.

Your investment: £150

Add Career Clarity programme, Strengths Profile coaching and / or additional hours at reduced rates when you buy one of these programmes. Contact me for details.

What my clients say

"Karen gave me a lot of confidence in myself and made me trust in my skills."

"This has been really thought-provoking."

"Karen's advice is very clear, honest and direct, delivered in such a way that it is easily digestible, caring and supportive."

Are you ready to transform your career ... and your life?