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Do you know you want to develop your leadership career but don’t quite know how? Maybe you’ve been applying for leadership roles and getting feedback that ‘you’re not quite ready’, or you just don’t know how to navigate the complex structure and ‘politics’ of your organisation.


You know you have what it takes to achieve your career goals. You know you’ll be a great leader, able to inspire people to perform at their best and deliver results for your company. You just need some help to get there!



With over 15 years’ experience of enabling people to develop their careers, I’m passionate about enabling people to achieve their goals and find work that enables them to thrive.



My leadership career coaching programmes enable you to perform at your best so you can achieve your career goals. Your programme will be personalised to your individual needs and can include:

  • ​Gain clarity on what you want to achieve and why, to help you to set inspiring goals for your leadership career development.

  • Understand the dimensions of a leadership role: leading people; leading change; leading business growth.

  • Understand your strengths and values as a leader and ensure you’re mentally fit to perform at your best.

  • Create a network for success; build relationships, find sponsors, learn from others.

  • Build your credibility; articulate your achievements, strengths and talents.

  • Create your leadership CV, optimise your LinkedIn profile, prepare for interview success; confidently negotiate your worth.

  • Prepare for success in your new leadership role with a plan for your first 90 days so you start with impact.

Single hour coaching sessions for when you want to focus on that one thing to help you in your leadership career:

  • Create your leadership CV to showcase your skills, strengths and achievements

  • Optimise your LinkedIn profile and build connections

  • Prepare for interview success

  • Confidently negotiate your worth

  • Prepare for success in your new leadership role with a plan for your first 90 days so you start with impact

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