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Karen Felton | Career change success coaching and mentoring for leaders in HR and Financial Services | CompassHR

Leadership career coaching and mentoring with Karen Felton

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Choose from my coaching services to meet your needs.
This is personalised and bespoke mentoring and coaching, to enable you to achieve your leadership career goals.

If these services aren't 100% what you need please book a free Clarity call so we can design the right solution for you.

Your career dream is possible.

Making a change in your career can feel exciting, daunting and whole range of emotions in between, from one day to the next! 

Often, we need help with gaining the clarity and confidence we need to move forward.

And collaboration is always helpful, from bouncing ideas around to just knowing you're not alone in this.

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What is career coaching and mentoring? 

Coaching and mentoring are ideal for personalised career growth and development support.

Sometimes you need a coach. A thinking partner to bounce ideas around with, ask you questions, listen as you mull things over and help you find what's right for you.

Sometimes you need a mentor. Someone who's able to guide you, share their experience and expertise, give you feedback and advice.

My practice is a blend of these.

I'll help you develop your ideas and your skills, give you a safe space to put them into practice, help you reflect on your progress and achieve your goals.

Whatever you need, whenever you need it I'll enable you to be your best self and achieve your career goals.

What my clients say

Your coaching has made me focus more on my strengths than my weaknesses and made me feel proud of them. It’s also taught me the importance of setting realistic goals and preparation.


Most importantly, it’s reminded me of all I’ve achieved so far and that gives me massive confidence going forward.

Jack Carmichael

Are you ready to transform your career ... and your life?