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Career Confidence

Enabling you to grow with impact in your career 

Leadership Confidence coaching for new leaders | Karen Felton | Leadership Career Development


You've achieved your dream role - a promotion into a bigger leadership position.

Now the nerves are setting in!

Can you really do this?

How do you add value? 

How do you build your credibility with your new team and peers?

My leadership confidence programme will enable you to shine in your new role.

Includes Strengths Deep Dive and

6 hours 1:1 coaching.

Learn how to:

Understand your strengths and your development areas.

Get the experiences and knowledge you need.

Create a supportive network to help you grow and succeed.

Demonstrate your value to the business and leadership team.

Establish your credibility, influence and authority as a leader.

Your investment: £570

Lead your team with confidence | Leadership development coaching and mentoring | Karen Felton


You lead a team and need some support with the 'people management' side.

Maybe you find giving feedback to improve performance, difficult.

Maybe your people want more development but you have no budget.

Maybe you want to improve your absence culture, or engagement.

This personalised people leadership coaching and mentoring will enable you to feel confident as a people leader.

Includes Strengths Deep Dive and

6 hours 1:1 coaching.

Learn how to:

Set inspiring goals that deliver business benefit.

Give effective performance feedback.

Create development opportunities.

Understand what matters to your people.

Create a culture that enhances wellbeing, engagement and performance.

Your investment: £570

Are you ready to develop your career confidence?

What my clients say

"Thanks for all your help through my career coaching, it's been instrumental in getting this role."

"I’ve enjoyed your support and our meetings. It has really helped me to clarify and structure my aspirations – and I've learnt a lot in the process."

"This is really helpful - it's like professional therapy!"

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