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Karen Felton Career Change coach and mentor Strengths Profile coaching

Strengths Profile coaching

When your career is aligned with your strengths you're energised and motivated, happy and confident, creative and collaborative, more resilient, less stressed . When you know which strengths to call on in different situations, which strengths complement each other to maintain your energy and which strengths mitigate your weaknesses, you'll be able to perform at your best. 

Your investment: £190

How it works:

When you book your strengths coaching session you'll complete a Cappfinity Strengths Profile questionnaire. Then we'll have a 90-minute coaching session via Zoom where you'll learn how to:

Align your strengths with your career so you feel a sense of purpose from your work.

Recognise which strengths serve you well and enable you to perform at your best.

Understand which of your strengths complement each other and mitigate your weaknesses.

Know that you're able to be your best self and work with passion and purpose.

Download a sample Strengths Profile

Karen Felton Career Change Success coach and mentor Services

Single coaching sessions on the topic of your choice - whatever you need help with, right now

Choose from the following options or anything else career-related!

Your investment options: 30 minutes £50 | 60 minutes £95 | 90 minutes £140

Create your CV

Found a job you want to apply for? Learn how to create a stand-out CV so your strengths, skills and achievements catch the attention of your ideal employer.

Practice presentations

Deliver your presentation in a safe space, get feedback on your slides, your content and your delivery so you'll feel confident on the day.

Optimise your LinkedIn profile


Learn how to write a compelling LinkedIn profile, how to build your professional network and how to be found for your ideal job so recruiters come looking for you.


Negotiate your worth

Learn how to be confident in your worth and how to negotiate a fair salary for the value and contribution you'll bring to the organisation.

Prepare for interviews

Learn how to wow at interviews. Know what to expect and how to prepare, so you're ready and able to talk about your strengths, skills and achievements with confidence and credibility.

Prepare for your 1st 90 days


Feel confident that you'll hit the ground running and make a real impact in your new role, demonstrating you were the right person for the job!

How to change your career Karen Felton Career Change Success coach and mentor

Explore your values


Get really clear on what matters most to you, and why. Then you'll be able to harness your motivation to find work that's aligned with your values.

Career clarity

Explore what your ideal career / role / employer looks like. Clarify your definition of success. Understand what this will mean for you in terms of career and life wellbeing.

Sounding Board session

Being a leader can be hard - decisions to make, actions to take and sometimes things aren't going to plan. This is a safe space for you to talk through whatever is going on for you at the moment.

Goal setting and Action planning

When you want to make any change in your career, from a new role, a new organisation or even a shift in how you are in your current role, it's helpful to be really clear on your goal. And how you motivate yourself to achieve the goal. 

That clarity then helps you to focus on what you need to do, when and how, who can help you, and what steps you can take to overcome potential obstacles.

Articulate your goal in a meaningful and motivating way. Identify potential obstacles to achieving your goal. Identify what you can do now and what you need to work on. Create your action plan to achieve your goal.

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5% discount when you prepay 3 - 5 sessions, or 10% when you prepay 6 or more sessions. 

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What my clients say

"I can't recommend Karen highly enough! I feel motivated and ready to tackle the job hunt with new energy."

"I got the job! Thank you for all your help and support, I couldn't have done it without you."

"Thanks for today Karen, I came away feeling much more focused and confident about the new role, and for the first time quite excited!"

"Thanks again for all your support, patience and guidance. I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with you."

"I'm through to the final stage for a role and the interviewer said my CV stood out from the other 120 applicants!~

"I would not have had this opportunity without your help and for that I’m very grateful. It has spurred me on, knowing what I can achieve outside of my comfort zone."