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Inspiring careers

People shine when they have great leadership; they can amaze themselves with their achievements when they have the right support; and this makes a difference to them in their careers and in their lives

​When you and your people are connected to a purpose through your work, when your people feel inspired, valued and safe to be their whole selves at work you'll see the benefits flow through in increased engagement, creativity, wellbeing and performance

Career coaching

My career coaching will help you in these key areas:

Aspiring to be a people leader:

  • Understanding the role of a people leader

  • Gain clarity on what you're looking for, your ideal employer and ideal role

  • Enable your CV to clearly showcase your achievements, strengths and talents

  • Preparing for interview


Achieving your next people leader role:

  • Showcasing your achievements, strengths and talents to demonstrate your value

  • Networking effectively to find your ideal role 

  • Demonstrate your ability to take on more responsibility 

Succeeding in your new role:

  • Planning for your first 90 days

  • Getting to understand your new team, new leader and new employer

  • Using your strengths, values and passions to be your best self

  • Support through your first 90 days

Is leading people right for you?

Sometimes we want to develop our career and leading a team is the natural progression. 

Sometimes when we achieve our goal it just doesn't feel right; we feel way out of our comfort zone and this is stressful.

I can help you determine if leading people is right for you, and what your next action needs to be.

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Strengths profiling

Do you sometimes feel energised by what you do, and at other times feel drained? Would you like to understand why, so you can do more of what energises you and know how to minimise the effects of work that drains you?

When we use our strengths we're energised and motivated, happy and confident, more resilient, less stressed, creative and collaborative.

Strengths profiling identifies our Realised and Unrealised strengths, our Learned behaviours and our Weaknesses; and enables us to understand how to be our best selves,

CompassHR Strengths Coaching team development Karen Felton

With an Introductory profile you'll learn your top realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses 


With a 45 minute coaching session we'll look at how to use your strengths to overcome your weaknesses, energise your performance and achieve your goals


Strengths profiling for you

With an Expert profile you'll learn all 60 of your realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses 

Young Business Colleagues

With a 75 minute coaching session, we'll look at how you can combine and maximise your strengths to energise your performance and achieve your goals

Understand your leadership potential

The Thomas High Potential Trait Indicator (HPTI) helps identify leadership potential by exploring a person’s personality traits. A detailed report will provide insight into your leadership strengths and development areas so you can focus your career development.

With your HPTI profile and 60 minutes coaching, you'll be ready to achieve your next leadership role


CompassHR Leadership potential development profile Karen Felton
Reaching Out to the Sun

Understand what motivates you to perform at your best

Your happiness and success at work is partly determined by whether or not
your core 'motivations' are being met.

Drawing on research from Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and Shein's Career Anchors, your Motivational Map profile with 60 minutes coaching will help you understand what motivates you at work - and in life - so you can do more of it!


Team Motivational Maps help build understanding, respect and collaboration, leading to increased engagement and performance

£495 + £95pp

With your team's profile and a 3 hour facilitated workshop you'll take your team's performance to new heights

CV workbook

With 30 pages of insight, activities and templates this workbook will enable you to:

Gain clarity on your achievements and the type of role and employer you're looking for

Create your powerful CV and cover letter


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