Leadership coaching

Are you passionate about leading and developing people and will benefit from someone to help you clarify your purpose, strengths and values so you can be the best leader you can be?


Do you want to inspire your people to perform at their best and need help to understand how to set inspiring goals, give effective performance feedback and create awesome development opportunities?


Do you want to support your people through health and life events, when they’re in work and absent, and need some support to understand how best to do this?


Do you know your team could be more engaged but don’t know what to do?

With over 25 years’ experience of leading teams, coaching people and developing leaders I’m passionate about enabling leaders to perform at their best so their people thrive at work.


My leadership coaching programmes enable you to perform at your best so you can lead your people with passion and purpose. Your programme will be personalised to your individual needs and can include:

  • Inspiring leadership: lead with your leadership strengths and values, enabling you to authentically do your best work.

  • Inspiring performance: enable your people to perform at their best by setting inspiring goals, giving effective feedback, enabling success and managing difficult conversations.

  • Inspiring development: enable your people to learn and grow, for their current roles and to achieve their career goals.

  • Wellbeing: support your people through life and health events, whether in work or absent. Develop your own mental fitness so you can lead your people.

  • Engagement: understand what matters to your people and how to deliver it.

  • Remote leadership: Successfully lead a team that works in different locations.

  • Team culture: improve collaboration, creativity and performance by creating and leading a culture that enables your people to perform at their best.

Boost your

Leadership skills

With single coaching hours to focus on the one thing you need help right now 


Do you need help, now, to be able to move forward with something?

Maybe you have someone in your team who is struggling to achieve their goals and you need to give them performance feedback? Or who is off long-term sick and you don't know how to support them to return to work? Or who is asking you for development and you don't know how to give them what they need?

Whatever your leadership needs, I can help you. Our conversations will be confidential and will help you understand how to put into practice, the things that will make a difference to you and your people.

Strengths coaching and mental fitness coaching can be incorporated into your 1:1 leadership coaching. 


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