Mental fitness coaching

Do you sometimes struggle to balance the demands of your leadership role with your wellbeing and your personal life?


Do you feel successful in some areas like growth, passion and motivation, but less so in other areas like courage, perspective and self-awareness?


Would you love to feel an improved sense of wellbeing and happiness that enables you to feel in control of your work and your life?


Your Cognomie mental fitness profile will provide you with your Mental Fitness Quatient (MFQ) which is made up of three elements:

  • Myself – your internal view of yourself and your ability to manage your thoughts and feelings positively and proactively

  • Environment – how you engage with your ‘environment’, how you manage your relationships and communication and how you gain motivation and a sense of achievement at work

  • Foundations – the foundation elements are aspects of your Mental Fitness that you may wish to develop further as improvements in these areas will positively contribute to your overall levels of happiness

My mental fitness coaching will enable you to explore your Mental Fitness Quotient and what is contributing to this (positively and negatively) and will help you develop skills and approaches to improve your mental fitness so you’re better able to lead yourself and your people.


With your mental fitness report and a 90-minute coaching conversation, you’ll develop strategies to sustain your strengths and to make the improvements you want to make in the future. 

Mental fitness coaching can be incorporated into my leadership coaching and leadership career coaching programmes.

When you combine mental fitness coaching with strengths coaching you’ll gain insight into yourself and your behaviours that will enable you to be your best self.

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