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Present Your Best Self
Leadership career change success programme

For you if you're ready to make your next career move

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You've made a bold decision.

You're ready to follow your heart and go for that next leadership move.

You're excited and nervous! 

But where do you start? 

You start here, with my Present Your Best Self leadership career change success programme, where you'll learn how to present your leadership strengths, skills and achievements so you can secure your dream leadership role.

Karen Felton | Leadership Career Development | Career Change Success | Coaching and mentoring for leaders in HR and Financial Service

You've ready for your next leadership career role.

That promotion you've been planning for and working towards!


But, how do you find the right role and organisation for you? How do your showcase your transferable skills? How do you even apply for and get a new job?

You've been in the same company for years and have no CV or LinkedIn profile and the thought of an interview fills you with dread.

You want to be ready to go for your dream role when you spot it.

You want to know you'll be presenting your strengths, skills and achievements in the best way.

My Present Your Best Self leadership career change success programme will help you get clear on your leadership strengths, skills and achievements. Then you'll learn how to create awesome CVs, optimise your LinkedIn profile, be confident in interviews and  make an impact in your new leadership dream role!

Karen Felton | Career change success | Present your best self

I'll enable you to feel confident that you're showcasing your leadership strengths, skills and achievements when searching for and applying for your leadership role.

This 1:1 coaching programme teaches you how to shine a light on your leadership strengths, skills and achievements through your CV, LinkedIn and interviews. You'll learn how to  feel confident about your worth. And you'll be ready to shine once you land your dream role.

Your investment: £595
(when paid in full, or £315 x 2 payments)

How it works

This is a 6 session / 6.5 hour coaching programme held over Zoom. Sessions can be held weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and you can start whenever you're ready - whatever suits you and your schedule.

Pre-work: When you register for the programme I'll send you a Learning & Reflection e-book. This will enable you to get the best from the programme and track your progress and learning.

You'll also receive a link to complete your Cappfinity Strengths Profile.

Karen Felton | Leadership career development | Present your best self

Session 1 (90 mins)

Discover your Strengths

You'll discover your personal and career strengths, learn how they help you, understand how to talk about them and get clarity on what's essential in your next role.

Session 2 (60 mins)

Create your CV

You'll learn how to showcase your leadership strengths, skills and achievements so you catch the attention of your ideal employer and show you're the best person for their job!

Session 3 (60 mins)

Optimise your LinkedIn profile 1


You'll learn how to create a compelling LinkedIn profile so you can be found for the roles you want, and how to use LinkedIn as part of your job search strategy.

Session 4 (60 mins)

Optimise your LinkedIn profile 2


You'll learn how to strategically build your connections, and how to create engaging and insightful content that showcases what you want to be known for.

Session 5 (60 mins)

Prepare for interviews

Be confident to talk talk about your strengths, skills and achievements with confidence and credibility. Be confident to ask insightful questions.

Session 6 (60 mins)

Goal-setting & Action-planning


You'll create goals you're motivated to achieve and a clear plan to achieve them, including identifying potential obstacles and how to overcome them. 

Are you ready to find your new leadership role?

What my clients say

“I cannot recommend Karen highly enough. She has supported me with career advice, CV support, strengths profiling, confidence and most importantly been there to listen to me.


Karen has a very kind and calm manner. Her advice is very clear, honest and direct, delivered in an easily digestible way.”

Lou Black

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