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Client reviews for my career change coaching

My job is to enable you to achieve your career change goals

Making a difference for my clients is why I love my work! 

My Career Change Success programme was insightful, confidence-building and exciting.

It has given me a lot of insight into my strengths and skills and how to get them across.


The coaching has also helped me know how to present myself on LinkedIn, in my CV and my emails.


And it has made very clear that it’s not just important that the (potential) employer likes you and thinks you are a fit, but that it’s even more important to find out if you feel the company and workplace fits you.

Your approach in our sessions was very tailor-made which was a great plus.

Manon Langelaar

Thank you for all of your amazing support over the last 6 months or so, you've certainly opened my eyes!


It's been quite a journey of discovery and I feel in a great place ready for future adventures, creative courses and just generally enjoying life!

Julie S.

Karen helped me figure out what I really wanted from work by helping me understand my strengths and, most importantly, how to use those insights to focus my search.


She stretched my thinking about how I describe myself as a professional and helped motivate me to get out there and do it.


Thank you Karen - literally couldn't have done it without you!

HR Director

I have got clarity now.


All the ideas were in there, I just needed someone to help me put them in order and then start to work through how I might deal with each aspect and build a plan which you have definitely helped me with.

The session delving into my values was particularly useful.

You really helped me build a plan and be braver in my decisions for the future.

Senior Manager, Insurance

My career transition into a new sector was achieved with much more ease than I thought possible, thanks to Karen's coaching.

Excellent focus on strengths and practical job search skills to build focus and confidence.


Chris Mitchell 

Thank you so much for your help, Karen.

My sessions with you were pure value.

I would absolutely recommend anyone looking for a career move to check in with Karen.

Neena S.

You've been absolutely amazing and I'm so, so grateful for all your help.

I'll be your biggest advocate from here on.

You have totally energised me.

You have literally changed my future!

Kevin Martin 

Karen provided me with excellent Career Mentoring when I made a move from a 20 year role in retail into a brand new industry:

CV writing with a more targeted and job specific focus
How to think differently about interviewing and finding jobs after a significant time with one employer.

Leveraging LinkedIn to bring ‘the story of me’ to life.

How to make a positive first impression and utilise the first days and weeks in a role to set myself up for success.

I looked forward to our time together and spent more time focusing on my personal development, than ever before.

I would thoroughly recommend Karen to anyone who is looking to understand more about their own strengths, how to articulate these to perspective employers and gain self-confidence in making a career change into a new industry.

Tom Sanger

Karen is a great listener, provides guidance and was a fantastic support.

I had lots of mixed emotions following redundancy. 

During our discussions I realised I could still play to my strengths and had so much experience and knowledge to offer.

Thank you, Karen!

Sandra Freeman

I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Karen. We worked on Interview techniques & skills primarily. I felt a lot more confident after speaking to Karen and she gave me some advice and skills which were a bit of a ‘game changer’.

I cannot recommend Karen highly enough and anyone that needs a bit of guidance or career coaching would benefit greatly by speaking to Karen.

Kev Baxter

I cannot recommend Karen highly enough.

During my redundancy Karen has supported me with career advice, CV support, strengths profiling and been there to listen to me.

Karen has a very kind and calm manner and this allows you to open up naturally to her. 

So glad you were recommended to me!

Lou Black

Your coaching has made me focus more on my strengths than my weaknesses and made me feel proud of them.

It's also taught me the importance of setting realistic goals and prepation.

Most importantly, it's reminded me of all I've achieved so far and that gives me massive confidence going forward.

Jack Carmichael

Karen helped me to really understand what my strengths were, why I had been feeling demotivated and where to focus my attention to find my place in the world again.


It was an incredibly enlightening experience that reignited my passion and completely transformed my approach to finding not just a job but a satisfying role with meaning and purpose.


Within a short space of time I've seen incredible results, personally and professionally.

Kevin Martin

Karen gave me a lot of confidence in myself and made me trust in my skills.

I would like to highlight her positive energy, empathy and kindness.

After a meeting with her you feel you can accomplish whatever you want with positivity and without fear.

I now feel self-confidence, have goals and ready to face new challenges.

Thank you for your time and commitment to me!

Ana-Casiana Tarita

After exploring my Strengths with Karen I feel motivated to find a career that will give me purpose.


I'd been finding it hard to structure my job search and felt very overwhelmed.

I can use my strengths to do something worthwhile with my life.

Thank you Karen for your help and advice!


Kathy Brown

I honestly can't praise Karen enough. She has been incredibly kind, professional, honest and direct, and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with her.

I would highly recommend Karen to anyone looking to kick-start their job search and transform their career.

Kevin Martin

It's been an absolute pleasure working with you.


You've helped me build confidence and inspired me to look at a different balance and ideas.

Thank you for helping me to think more broadly.

I've now found a role that is the perfect balance and challenge, allowing me time to develop new skills.


Finance Director

Thank you again for all your time you spent with me I found it hugely valuable.

It gave me a lot of food for thought and I took away things I wouldn’t have ever considered before.

I'm seeing things in such a different light so thank you.

Kelly Slade

I've secured an interim role to transform the organisations' recruitment function.

This is the kind of work I wanted and is a great chance to test working under this arrangement.

Thanks for all your help with career coaching which was really instrumental in getting this.

HR Director

My sessions with you were invaluable!

If you need some clarity or guidance, are unsure of your options or even just need someone impartial to talk it out with, I can't recommend Karen highly enough!

I now have a business I'm proud of and that reflects my personal DNA.

Lou Black 

I cannot thank you enough for all the knowledge, information, guidance and advice that you have given me.  


You have made my job search after such a long time of being “out of the market place” a less daunting one, for sure.  


My LinkedIn profile/knowledge has improved tremendously which is all thanks to you.


Thank you for being patient with me and tailoring your mentoring to my needs.  


Janet Houghton

I invested in Team Strengths coaching and can honestly say this was the best investment ever for myself and my staff.

The confidence this has generated in all of us is fantastic. Knowing our strengths and weaknesses, and understanding how to manage them, has made a huge difference.


We have been able to work better as a team, allocating different jobs to the right people and getting the best performance possible.

I would recommend Karen's services to everyone, no matter how big or small your team is. The benefits are apparent from day one, and ongoing.

Hayley Newton

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