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When we use our strengths we're energised and motivated, happy and confident, more resilient, less stressed, creative and collaborative.

When our career is aligned with our  strengths we perform at our best. 


As a leader, using your own strengths and enabling your people to use theirs’ will result in high levels of collaboration, creativity, engagement and performance.


As your Strengths Profile coach, I’ll enable you to best the best leader you can be.

Do you sometimes feel energised by what you do, and at other times feel drained? Would you like to understand why, so you can do more of what energises you and know how to minimise the effects of work that drains you?


As a leader, understanding and being able to use our strengths is invaluable. When you’re under pressure to deliver to a tight deadline or need to have a difficult performance conversation with your people, knowing which strengths you can call on and how they help you will enable you to maintain your positive energy so you perform at your best.

And when your career is aligned with your strengths, you'll shine. Your own leaders will see this and you'll create a virtuous circle of being able to do more of what you love and what you're great at.

What is Strengths profiling?

Cappfinity Strengths profiling is based on positive psychology and uses many years of global research into strengths to identity your own strengths.

Your Strengths profile will enable you to understand:


  • Your strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses

  • How well you perform when using your strengths

  • How energised you are by using your strengths

  • How often you use your strengths

  • How your learned behaviours and weaknesses reduce your energy and performance

  • How you can mitigate the impact of your learned behaviours and weaknesses

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Strengths coaching enables you to bring your strengths to life - it's where the magic happens, turning the information into inspiration!

As your Strengths Profile coach, I'll enable you to:


  • Align your strengths with your career so you can achieve a sense of purpose and fulfilment from your work

  • Use your strengths to perform and lead at your best by understanding when you do your best work

  • Use your strengths to achieve your leadership goals by understanding which strengths serve you and your people

  • Spot strengths in your people and colleagues so you can enable them to grow

  • Collaborate effectively by understanding how strengths complement and mitigate others

  • Lead with confidence when you know you are the best leader you can be because you lead your people with passion and purpose. 


You can work with me as your strengths coach in these ways:

With an Introductory Strengths Profile you'll learn your top realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses.


A 60-minute coaching conversation will look at how to use your strengths to mitigate your learned behaviours and weaknesses, energise your performance and achieve your leadership goals.


Introductory Profile

Expert Profile

With an Expert profile, you'll learn all 60 of your realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses and which ‘families’ they belong.


A 90-minute coaching conversation will look at how you combine and maximise your strengths to energise your performance and achieve your leadership goals.


Team Profile

With a Team profile, you and your people will understand your own and each other’s strengths. You’ll see the benefits in increased creativity, collaboration, performance, engagement and wellbeing.


With Team strengths profiling and a 3-hour facilitated online workshop you'll be able to  lead your team to success.

£995 up to 8 people

Download sample profiles

Introductory Strengths Profile

Strengths coaching can be incorporated into my leadership coaching and leadership career coaching programmes.


When you combine strengths coaching with personal resilience coaching you’ll gain insight into yourself and your behaviours that will enable you to be your best self.


Get in touch to create your personalised coaching programme.

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