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Strengths Profile coaching

When your career is aligned with your strengths you're energised and motivated, happy and confident, creative and collaborative, more resilient, less stressed.

When you know which strengths to call on in different situations, which strengths complement each other to maintain your energy and which strengths mitigate your weaknesses, you'll be able to perform at your best.

You'll flourish in your career (and in your life).


Choose the Strengths Profile coaching solution that best suits your needs.

Strengths Profile Deep Dive with Karen Felton | Be your best self | Leadership Career Development


Your Expert Strengths Profile with 90 minutes coaching

Discover where all 60 strengths lie for you, giving you insight into your authentic self.

Understand where you get your energy from and how to maximise its impact in your career.

Understand what drains your energy and how to manage and mitigate the effect in your career.

Know how to collaborate with others to maximise energy and performance.

Discover how to be your best self.

Your investment: £190

Strengths coaching with Karen Felton | Be your best self | Leadership Career Development


Your Introductory Strengths Profile with 60 minutes coaching

Learn your top realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses.


Understand how to use your top strengths to mitigate your learned behaviours and weaknesses.


Be able to energise your performance and achieve your leadership career goals.

Discover your strengths.

Your investment: £130

Team Strengths coaching | Karen Felton | Team development


Expert Strengths Profiles for you and your people, combined with coaching focused on your team development goals.

With a Team profile, you and your people will understand your own and each other’s strengths. You’ll see the benefits in increased creativity, collaboration, performance, engagement and wellbeing.


With Team strengths profiling you'll be able to  lead your team to success.

Discover how to improve team confidence,  collaboration and performance.

Book a free Clarity call to design your personalised team strengths coaching.

Download sample profiles

Introductory Strengths Profile

Strengths analysis was one of the best things you taught me.

It's such an empowering thing to understand as so often we are unaware of our true strengths. 

Finance Director

I'd been finding it hard to structure my job search and felt very overwhelmed.


After exploring my Strengths with Karen I feel motivated to find a career that will give me purpose.


I can use my strengths to do something worthwhile with my life.

Kathy Brown, Teacher

Strengths coaching has been the best investment ever for myself and my staff.


The confidence this has generated is fantastic. We have been able to work better as a team.


I would recommend Karen's services to everyone, no matter how big or small your team is. The benefits are apparent from day 1 and ongoing. 

Hayley Newton, Retail business owner

Are you ready to transform your career ... and your life?